Ruthie Bowles

1. Introduce yourself. Tell us where you're from, your favorite quote, and what you do! 

“My name is Ruthie Bowles, and I’m the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Defy The Status Quo, a boutique content marketing agency for B2B consulting and service firms. I’m from California, but I joined the Army out of high school and ended up all over the place. I was also a federal contractor before I started my business. “

“My favorite quote is “Perfect is the enemy of progress.” Why? Because it’s easier to use perfection as an excuse to keep your brilliance from the world. We become reluctant to share, fearful of criticism. But many times, you need to settle for “good enough” and tweak it as you go.”

2. How will you impact the world as a woman? What are some challenges and obstacles you faced throughout your journey to get where you are today? 

“I don’t know if I would say that I will specifically impact this world as a woman. I’m here, and I feel like I have something to accomplish. If being a woman helps me accomplish more, then great. I feel like, no matter what I’ve done or am going to do, I’m supposed to help knock down barriers. “

“Now that doesn’t mean that I will single-handedly make great strides towards eliminating unconscious gender bias or anything. But I know that single interactions can help change other people’s perceptions. So I’m determined to use every opportunity I have to do my part.”

“Some challenges I’ve faced…. Well, being a woman can certainly be a challenge. We’re often perceived as less capable, for no specific reason. Especially when we “step out of our lane” into areas that are male-dominated. So sometimes, I don’t feel as if I’m taken as seriously. “

“I often get mistaken for younger than I am, and therefore less capable or responsible. So that’s something I consistently working against. I just do my best to not make that same mistake about other people.”

”One of my biggest challenges is the fact that I don’t have professional writing experience or even industry experience in most of the industry verticals I write and strategize in. Seriously, none. I have an avid interest and I gobble up all of the information I can find greedily. I had to build a network from almost nothing.”

“Everything I know about content writing, marketing, and strategy, I’ve taught myself. In order to surmount this challenge, I carefully note the results I get for my clients. When speaking with prospects, I always focus on the value I bring, not the years of experience I (don’t) have. “

3. How will your platform, business, organization, product impact the world? What should we look for in it? 

“My business is working to help businesses in “boring” industries use their content to connect with the clients who need them. I only work with clients who want to do what I do and “defy the status quo.” We’re improving the quality of the Internet by only putting out the very best content. We’re making typically tough to understand topics more accessible through content writing.“

“I’m also working very hard to make big business knowledge accessible to small business owners through my blog, digital products, and podcast, The Defiant Business Podcast. “

4. What's something you would share with another woman who's trying to get to the same place as you? Any advice to tell her? 

“Imposter syndrome is real. You have to accept the fear you’re feeling and then do it anyway. You will never reach a point where the syndrome doesn’t strike. So you have to learn how to deal with it. My experiences in the Army and as a fitness competitor showed me that I can push myself to do anything, if I want it enough. If it doesn’t scare you at least a little bit, you aren’t pushing hard enough!”

5. What are some goals you have accomplished this year? 

“I raised my rates by 400% this year and landed some great new clients. I redesigned my brand and website to reflect the sort of work and impact I want to put out into the world. I finished two digital information products and put them on my site. I’ve managed to get a few speaking gigs, I’ve expanded my network, and I’ve set the wheels in motion for so much more.

6. Are you aware of women's rights? What do women's rights mean to you? What are some things you feel need to be brought to the world's attention today? 

“Women’s rights means equality to me. And some of this is legislative, but some of it we have to handle in our homes. We can’t treat our sons and daughters differently. Boys aren’t “easier to raise” unless you make your daughters difficult. You can’t tell men that women are equal, when you demonstrate to boys that girls are not.. Each of us has an opportunity to start a grassroots movement in our communities and in our homes. Every action can have an impact. We have to start with the kids. Because they’ll carry it into the future. “

7. What's one funny thing that happened to you this year? 

“I sent a couple of emails to a really important prospect, and then wondered why they ghosted me. Did I say something to turn them off? What did I DO? I had misspelled their email address, that’s what! I corrected the spelling and got a response less than 24 hours later.”

8. Anything else you want to share with us? You have the floor queen! 

“My company name is Defy The Status Quo because we let the status quo define our experiences. The status quo for small business is that the majority will fail. Why? Often because the owners don’t have the knowledge to run a business sustainably. So I created the podcast and speak on business topics.  The status quo for content is mediocrity. Therefore, I only work with companies who understand that quality content is what gets you to the top of search engines. Quality content is what gets you qualified business leads. Great content is how you stand out from your competition. You have to be willing to do the work.  It’s lonely at the top because the climb is hard and so many people quit. Don’t quit. Let’s all aim to reach the summit together. “

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